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Hi! Ken, I REALLY DO APPRECIATE, you took your time to read emails like mine, and I have to admit you are absolutely RIGHT, I was going to shut the "Democratic Party" out of my life but you have reminded me not let my anger taking over, but instead turn it in a good fight and hope "maybe" 1 day to see the REAL DEMOCRACY which will not be based on any "races nor genders" but by PEOPLE for the PEOPLE. Best regards, Stella M

Thank you for the invaluable service you provided during and after the primary season. I hope it will remain active till after the convention.Elections still need transparency and the service you provide is very helpful.-- Cliff

Ken, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. It's always so heartening to come in contact with good people. Thanks for being one of them. And thank you and everyone at the StateDemocracy Foundation for all that you do and most recently for maintaining our ability to continue to contact Superdelegates.All my best, Rose

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