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News Title Posted Date
Contact your Super delegates 09/12/2008
LobbyDelegates.com Campaign Concludes For 26,000+ Visitors 09/12/2008
LobbyDelegates on cbs4denver 09/02/2008
Go Your Own Way 08/24/2008
Last Change to Lobby Delegates Before Convention 08/21/2008
Underground Movement To Make Hillary Clinton The Democratic Nominee Active 08/20/2008
YouTube - Last Chance Superdelegates, Please to Do The Right Thing 08/20/2008
Last Chance to Lobby Delegates Before Nomination 08/19/2008
Letter-Writing Campaign 07/29/2008
Ds Growing Disenchanted With Obama, The Politician 07/15/2008
Yes BLOG 07/14/2008
The Race may be over, but race isn't 06/05/2008
McCain NewsHunt Keeps Watch of the Watchers 06/03/2008
As Clintons Odds Dim, Her Fans Flood LobbyDelegates.com 06/02/2008
From 5/9-5/30 email WV Delegates and other Superdelegates (Meeting) 05/30/2008
Email Address for SuperDelegates 05/22/2008
OPEN THREAD 05/21/2008
Its not over yet, please write and donate 05/09/2008
Anonymous Blogging Superdelegate Is Former Richardson Field Director 05/08/2008
Colorado Super Delegates Pressured To Give Support 05/07/2008
Now that Super Delegates Matter Even More 05/06/2008
Super Delegates Matter Even More 05/05/2008
Be Heard through lobbyDelegates.com 04/13/2008
Lobbying Superdelegates 04/11/2008
Lobby a superdelegate for a fee 04/11/2008
Derby City for Obama recommends LobbyDelegates.com 04/09/2008
Ken Laureys on LobbyDelegates 04/09/2008
Daily Digest: Obama in Chinese 04/08/2008
PREZ RACE: Shukoor Ahmed creates LobbyDelegates.com 04/07/2008
Pay to pressure superdelegates on new website 04/03/2008
Who/What are Superdelegates? 04/03/2008
Web Portal Launches People Power into Super Delegate Debate 04/03/2008
People Power into Super Delegate Debate 04/03/2008
Clinton, Obama Clash on Roles of Superdelegates 02/17/2008
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